K5VPW - AllStar Analog Simplex Node 57518
431.050 mHz, pl 136.5 - San Antonio, Texas USA

AllStar Operating Procedures

To connect, simply key your transmitter and, using your touch tone pad, input *3(node number). To disconnect, key your transmitter and touch tone *1(node number). Please pause for 2 seconds after you key the transmitter before you speak or enter touch tones. This allows the connection to complete across the network and helps avoid dropping syllables or words from the start of your transmission. It will also ensure that touch tones are decoded properly. Please pause between transmissions to allow other stations to call or disconnect. Always disconnect the node when you are finished with your QSO. If the node is connected and you wish to connect to a different node, please ask if anyone locally is using the node. If there is no response, feel free to disconnect and connect to the node of your choice.

Useful touch tone codes
To check link status
To connect a node
*3(node Number)
To disconnect a node
*1(node Number)
To disconnect all nodes
Connect to the UK AllStar Hub
Connect to the WINS system
Connect to the East Coast reflector
To hear the current time
Weather Infornation San Antonio
To ID the node
Simplex Repeater ON
Simplex Repeater OFF

Information About the AllStar Node

The node transceiver is a Yaesu FT-7900 running 4 watts. There s an external cooling fan on the FT-7900. The node is located in northeast San Antonio, inside Loop 410. The antenna is a 5.5db gain vertical, up 20 feet at the base. The node computer is a Raspberry Pi with 1gb of RAM, on a 32gb SD card. Operating system is 4.19.65-1-ARCH Linux. Internet speeds are 950mb download and 950mb upload.

Node Number: 57518
Node Callsign: K5VPW
Node Node Frequency / pl: 431.050mHz, simplex / pl 136.5
Node City: San Antonio
Node State: Texas
Node Country: USA
Node Planet: Earth
Node Install Date: February 2024
Node Owner: Jim Finney
Node Latitude: 29.47256 North
Node Longitude: 98.51527 West
Node Timezone: Central
e-mail node owner: jpfinney@gmail.com
This information updated: October 12, 2020
Live Node Monitor:

node 57518 monitor

Active Nodes: