K5VPW *** D-Star and C4FM Repeater
145.350 mHz - San Antonio, Texas USA

Information About the Repeater

The K5VPW 145.350 mHz repeater is a dual mode digital repeater running D-Star and C4FM (YSF, FCS). It is open to all hams and is located in northeast San Antonio, inside Loop 410. Feel free to use the repeater locally or link to a reflector or another repeater. If you do link to a reflector or another repeater, please unlink when you are finished. The transmitter is a FT-7900 and the receiver is FT-1500. Both are cabled to a six cavity Decibel Products duplexer, model 4062. The antenna is a 6.5db gain monoband vertical, up 33 feet at the base, fed with 1/2 inch hardline. The transmitter runs 5 watts and drives a Motorola amplifier. The amplifier is cooled by an external fan. After duplexer and feedline losses, 33 watts is delivered to the antenna. The controller is a Raspberry Pi V3 with 1 gb of RAM and a 32gb SD card. It is cabled to a Micro-Node Teensy MMDVM modem which is cabled to both the FT-7900 and FT-1500. The Raspberry Pi image is Pi-Star configured as a repeater. Modes enabled are D-Star and C4FM. Internet speeds are 600mb download and 35mb upload.

The repeater works on a first come first serve basis between the 2 digital modes. If someone is on D-Star, C4FM users will have to wait and vice versa. When transmission in a mode is finished, wait 15 seconds and simply key up on D-Star or C4FM and the repeater will switch modes automatically.

Repeater Callsign: K5VPW
Repeater Frequency 145.35 mHz / Offset -600
MMDVM Mode D-Dtar and C4FM
Repeater City: San Antonio
Repeater State: Texas
Repeater Country: USA
Repeater Install Date: December 2018
Repeater Owner: Jim Finney
Repeater Latitude: 29.47256 North
Repeater Longitude: 98.51527 West
Repeater Timezone: Central
e-mail repeater owner: jpfinney@gmail.com
This information updated: December 12, 2018
Pi-Star Dashboard: Dashboard
D-Star Information: dstarinfo.com