K5VPW - Wires X Node 51129
147.560mHz - San Antonio, Texas USA

Information About the Wires X Node

The node transceiver is a Yaesu FTM-100 running 5 watts. It drives a Toptek Communications amplifier, model PA-85V. Output from the amplifier is 65 watts. The antenna is a 6 db gain vertical, up 25 feet at the base, fed with 50 feet of LMR-400 coax. There are external fans cooling both the transciever and amplifier. The node is located in northeast San Antonio, inside Loop 410. The node computer is a Dell Optoplex 760 with 4gb of RAM. Hard drive is 150gb. Operating system is Windows 10. Internet speeds are 600mb download and 35mb upload. The TOT (time out timer) is set for 30 minutes. Feel free to reconnect if you want to continue using the node. The node is not always on, so if you cannot access it, try later.

Node Number: 51129
Node Callsign: K5VPW
Node Node Frequency : 147.560mHz
Node City: San Antonio
Node State: Texas
Node Country: USA
Node Planet: Earth
Node Install Date: September 2019
Node Owner: Jim Finney
Node Latitude: 29.47256 North
Node Longitude: 98.51527 West
Node Timezone: Central
e-mail node owner: jpfinney@gmail.com
This information updated: October 20, 2019