K5VPW --- D-Star
446.150mHz - San Antonio, Texas USA

Information About the D-Star Node

The node is open to all hams.  The node transceiver is a Yaesu FT-7800 running 5 watts. It is driving a Mirage D-24 amplifier producing 50 watts out.    It is located in northeast San Antonio, inside Loop 410. The antenna is a 5 db gain vertical, up 20 feet at the base.  The node computer is a Raspberry Pi V3 with 1 GB of RAM and a 32gb SD card.  It is connected to a Micro-Node Teensy MMDVM modem which is connected to the FT-7800.  The node image is Pi-Star.  Internet speeds are 400mb download and 20mb upload.  If using a hotspot, program your repeater list memory for "DV Repeater" (not DV Simplex) and "-DUP 0 offset".  Program your radio channel with a "-DUP 0 offset".

Node Callsign: K5VPW
Node Node Frequency 446.150 mHz / Module B / Simplex
Node City: San Antonio
Node State: Texas
Node Country: USA
Node Install Date: January 2018
Node Owner: Jim Finney
Node Latitude: 29.47256 North
Node Longitude: 98.51527 West
Node Timezone: Central
e-mail node owner: jpfinney@gmail.com
This information updated: January 9, 2018
Pi-Star Dashboard: Dashboard
D-Star Information: dstarinfo.com